La Maison Jaune - House Rules
We’d like to wish you a wonderful stay in La Maison Jaune and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do when we are over. Please find some general information and house rules which will ensure all of us a full enjoyment of your stay in Sainte Maxime
  • Air Conditions: Heating/Cooling, please note that only one function can be used at the same time, either each room is heating or cooling, as the 4 devices are connected to the same system, therefore only one same function is to be used. Kindly only use when you are inside the La Maison Jaune and switch off when leaving. Please close balcony doors or windows when air conditions are on.

  • Alarm System: La Maison Jaune" is equipped with a modern and professional alarm, which is also remarkably user-friendly in daily use. This alarm is connected 24/24 and 7/7 to an emergency room. Consistent use, of course, is mandatory, but because the system works so simply, this is absolutely no problem. Please note that in the event of a burglary, the insurance company will request the history of the use of the alarm. However, if this shows that the tenant has not used the alarm consistently, liability issues may arise. The correct use of the alarm always requires some attention, but once you have mastered it, it runs flawlessly. The system itself is very easy to use, but everything must always be properly closed before it is activated. Burglaries are unfortunately still a hot item in the south. Most burglaries happen during the day and / or at the start of your holiday. Paying extra attention to especially small things and making optimum use of the alarm are therefore very important. We also recommend that you lower the shutters during the day, especially in the ground floor, in the two bedrooms. Certainly if there is no one below, we lower both shutters there. When we sit on the terrace (upstairs at the swimming pool) we close the front door on the special day lock. We therefore strongly advise our tenants to keep windows and doors in the house where there is no direct view closed, especially during the day!   We are thinking in particular of the windows on the GROUND FLOOR, being the windows of the red and beige bedrooms. Just let the shutters of both bedrooms down during the day. It is also not wise to leave an exclusive car in the driveway. . . Use the garage and always put your car inside!

  • Lights and other appliances: As electricity is quite expensive in France please switch off any lights in rooms that are not used or when leaving La Maison Jaune.

  • Water: Please do not spill.

  • Shutters: Always close all the shutters when you leave La Maison Jaune and then turn on the alarm. For this, all shutters must be lowered. Even if you only have to leave for a short while.

  • Wifi: Available in La Maison Jaune: (do not remove the router from the current position). The network is available throughout the house and on the terrace

  • Good relationship with your neighbors: Please don’t play loud music and note that parties are not allowed in La Maison Jaune

  • Dishwasher: Please rinse all china, cuttlery and glasses before placing in the dishwasher. Please make sure that all dishes are washed and stored away before checking out. Products are normally present. If they run out, please replace them

  • Please wash glasses, china and other kitchen material after usage and advise any breakage or malfunctions to our concierge Rob.

  • Oven and stove: Please clean after usage and make sure they are switched off when not in use.

  • Smoking is only allowed on the terras. Smoking is not permitted in La Maison Jaune

  • Kitchen: In the kitchen there are many different household products. If you use something and it runs out, please replace it.

  • Washer and Dryer: Available in La Maison Jaune for usage, please refrain overloading and note that we cannot be held responsible for shrinkage or eventual damage caused. Products are normally present. If they run out, please replace them.

  • Night Lighting: Two lights on top of the entrance gate at the entrance, one light above the garage, one light on the terrace below between the two bedrooms (between the red and beige bedroom) and one light at the rear of the living room under the disk window are equipped with automatic lamps which come on when it gets dark and automatically turn off when it gets light.

  • TV and satellite receivers: do not reprogram settings. View the La Maison Jaune manual before use. Do not exchange plugs, do not connect other devices. There is 1 remote control for the decoder and 1 remote control for the TV.

  • Waste disposal: you will find a fully detailed plan at the entrance of the garage. Three different garbage bins are outside next to the garage. Use them and put them on the correct times in front of the fence for collection. Do not leave the household waste for a few days, certainly not in the garage or outside. Especially in warm weather, this garbage immediately attracts the necessary insects and vermin. (ants approach garbage very quickly). Immediately dispose of all your waste in the correct household waste bin.

  • Bed linen, sheets and towels are available for your stay in La Maison Jaune and will be checked at check out. As well as towels for the terrace and swimming pool. Wash them regularly or have them cleaned by our cleaning lady Sandrine

  • the cleaning lady, Sandrine comes by twice a week

  • Garden: every tuesday morning the gardener comes to maintain the garden

  • Heated swimmingpool
  1. There are large pool towels provided for at the pool. These are also located in the large cupboard in the garage. May we also kindly ask you not to sit directly on the cushion with wet swimwear.
  2. Terras furniture: Please return inside before checking out (would also advise that you keep the cushion’s inside overnight as they might get damp).
  3. our swimming pool is equipped with two lights that can be switched on in the evening. (lower switch behind the television, manually on / off.) Do not let it burn during the day and at night.
  4. the swimming pool is maintained every tuesday morning
  • Check out is between 09:00 and 10:00 (please make arrangements with Rob who will assist you with checkout and collect the keys)
The tenants of La Maison Jaune have taken note that this is a luxury holiday villa in private ownership that is only made available for the previously described rental period as agreed in the rental contract.
  1. As a good "family man" to deal with private property in and around the house and immediately report any damage to it
  2. Arrival after 3:00 pm on Saturday and departure before 10:00 am on Saturday, in consultation with our caretaker Rob Kelder for the delivery or delivery of the keys.
  3. We would appreciate it if you could lay the mattresses and pillows of the sun beds and chairs by the pool in the garage in the evening. Although the chance of rain is relatively small, it still gets wet, even in July and August.
  4. May we kindly request that the flower boxes around the swimming pool and the covered terrace be supplied with water if necessary. For which we thank you !

Should you face any problems during your stay please contact Rob Kelder, our concierge: Tel +33 6 85 92 39 34
Practical information about La Maison jaune and Sainte Maxime
Wish you a wonderfull and enjoyable stay in La Maison Jaune